New Assisted Living Organization in the Richmond Area

At Tru Life Family Services, we offer special programs for our residents as needed but our main objective is to get them acclimated to a normal lifestyle with structure and when there ready move them to a independent living lifestyle while with us or an independent facility.We also like to connect our clients with outside mental health and skill building programs if need be , So to keep them on the track and function in society with no issues.Now with our Assisted living facility being our Pride & Joy we take great pride in our location so to keep our clients in a safe environment away from temptation and as well as danger.We also take pride in how our "HOME" is kept we make sure everyone does there fair share of chores so everyone living there can feel like they are apart of a family and at home.Now getting residents we try to take all clients even those with difficult personalities, Our staff is well trained and as owners we take pride in our experience in this field of work and working with a variety of personalities & behavioural issues , with that being said we take most Insurances , Private Pay , AG Grants , DAP and Social Security your rate will depend on your UAI and all our clients were and will be interviewed to make sure they are a good fit and can adapt with roommates while following the rules of the "HOME". We also offer Intensive Outpatient Drug Counseling if need be we provide transportation to and from group also there's complimentary dinner with drinks, snacks and coffee served to all the residents that attend our IOP Program. All of these services are designed to help residents transition to ultimate sobriety and a life of independence. Also while Tru Life is a new organization we take pride in being dedicated to helping people recover from addictions. Our mission is to address addictions in our IOP program and provide services to the community to help individuals sustain their recovery through relapse prevention. We recognize that all people have the potential to live a full and fulfilling life and strive to help them achieve that. At Tru Life, we emphasize that people matter most in life, and we are committed to making life's journey a joyful one.Now our newest addition is a DD Group home for those who qualify for placement more information will come at a later date if any question you can always contact us.

Our priority is the safety and comfort of each resident. A positive and supportive environment is cultivated so that residents can thrive and recover from any struggles they may have. Our team of caring counselors and compassionate staff strives to give every resident the highest level of support and assistance available. We understand that recovery from addiction is a difficult journey, but we are committed to empowering each individual and helping them carry out their own life’s purpose to the fullest. 

At Tru Life Family Services, our purpose is to assist in making life's journey a wonderful one for each and every person. If you or someone you know is looking for assistance, please get in touch with us at (804) 964-1276 to learn more about how we can help. We look forward to partnering with you on your quest for sobriety.


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Reach out to Tru Life Family Services if you're interested in working with us! Make sure to forward us your information and join us in helping loved ones thrive on the journey to a fulfilling life.